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Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Obrah


Development in all aspects of the Kingdom’s insurance sector has been garnering a good deal of positive attention lately. Essentially, the Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Company (SAICO) enjoys a strong bond with this major economic sector, which has been further boosted by regulations recently imposed by the government. SAICO is one of the first companies to have applied for a license under the new regulations.

The company has endeavored to remain an active member of the market, and with its accumulated experience, to contribute to its growth, particularly to the new cooperative health insurance.

At SAICO, we believe in the importance of management action. We follow a culture that consistently encourages developing a broader and deeper view of our market opportunities, today and tomorrow; and being more innovative in strategy and structure, more collaborative with our partners, and more questioning of ourselves and our company potential. We adopt a holistic and long-term approach to our staff, and establish transparency with our customers and other stake holder. We strive towards broadening management understanding of risk associated with the nature of our business, and strengthening our process to mitigate that risk; and equipping ourselves for our market economy.

Our company has launched a variety of internationally acknowledged insurance products that posses the highest standards to meet the needs of the Saudi Market. The company has endeavored to attract highly-qualified staff with ample experience in this field. SAICO’s strong presence in the market has been reinforced by its customers, who have been loyal to the company for the values and standards it has committed itself to.

The Board of Directors reaffirms its determination to support and develop this relationship. With these goals in view, SAICO is all set to position itself in the best natural position in the market, which is known for its dynamic nature and accelerated growth.