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Mission and Vision

The company’s vision comprises of proper planning and future goals of benefitting from the accelerating and expected growth of the insurance sector in the Kingdom. SAICO endeavors to realize the desired results in the interest of its shareholders, customers and the insurance sector, in general. SAICO’s objectives are summed up as offering insurance products and services that provide quality protection at reasonable prices through successful partnerships with its customers, agents, brokers and insurance companies in as much as is necessary and to make sure that the overall interests and objectives of all stakeholders is respected.

The major objective of SAICO’s Investor Relationship Department is to ensure mutual understanding between the shareholders and the company and assist and gain confidence of the shareholders and investors in the stock markets so that they possess a better understanding and evaluation of SAICO. The department strives to communicate the shareholders views to the SAICO management. Therefore, the company is committed to fair and rapid communication as a means to ensure highest transparency levels.

To facilitate the investor and shareholder’s mission, SAICO’s website has been linked with the Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul) making possible the access to company shares development and prices available, round the clock.
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