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Medical Malpractice

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Medical Malpractice

We at SAICO recognize the importance of physicians and medical practitioners’ role in protecting the health of the society in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we SAICO provide the necessary protection with a competitive price for Medical Malpractice Insurance, as we are committed to covering any risks associated with their profession and liability towards third parties resulting from unintentional Medical Errors and Omissions. Insure now and practice your profession with confidence.


Value of the coverage

This insurance policy covers the value compensation of indemnities decided based on an official verdict given by the courts or legal authorities against the Insured who caused medical harm to a patient as a result of an error, negligence, or omissions during their practice to their profession. The indemnity can be from a limit of SR 100,000 and up to SR 1,000,000 for one incident or in an annual total according to the policy terms and conditions.