Emergency Arrangements for Client Servicing


In the circumstances of temporary or prolonged shutdown of SAICO Offices due to an outbreak of a Pandemic or Natural Disaster, as an oldest Insurer in KSA and committed for business continuity and service delivery to its customers and business partners, SAICO has put in place this protocol to supplement face to face and Electronic Trading that can take place elsewhere to ensure that –

  • All necessary Insurance operations can be continued and servicing uninterrupted with remote access
  • Time critical aspects of claims handling and determination can be undertaken remotely using alternative mechanisms

All internal and external stakeholders are expected to have given consideration to this protocol in the context of SAICO Business Continuity Planning and wherever possible to have made appropriate arrangements to implement it.

SAICO insists that all employees especially BCP Identified employees to work together to ensure that disruption caused by an emergency is minimized through the use of this protocol.

Any Clarifications or Questions concerning this document should be sent by email to:

SAICO ETP for Underwriting

  • In the event of a disruption or temporary shutdown of SAICO Offices, all request for Quotations from clients or producers or brokers to be received directly by email to the Identified BCP Officials whose contact is updated time to time. Please refer to the latest communication received from SAICO or SAICO website for the BCP Notification
  • All Quotations issued by the Identified BCP Officials through emails are considered to be committal and does not require signature and stamp of the Underwriter
  • Insurance Contracts may be entered into by email and in an emergency, should be executed using this protocol. This protocol has been kept as simple as possible for easy understanding for all stakeholders especially the resources working from home on a personal PC or a mobile hand-held device
  • All emails sent under this ET Protocol shall include the words “this email is being sent in accordance with SAICO Emergency Trading Protocol or ETP”
  • All UW information submitted by Clients / Brokers through emails is considered as valid and facts as having submitted under signature and declaration
  • Underwriters and Brokers must ensure that they have satisfied themselves that the individuals that they are dealing with are appropriately authorized to enter into contracts of insurance on behalf of their organization

Entering into Contracts

  • In Summary, a contract (and an insurance contract is no different) is formed when there –
    • has been an offer. An offer is an expression of willingness to contract on specified terms with the intention that it is to become binding when it is accepted by the person to whom it is addressed;
    • is acceptance of that offer. An acceptance is a final and unqualified expression of assent to the terms of the offer: and
    • is communication of the acceptance to the offer.
  • SAICO Underwriters should bear the above elements in mind when communicating by email to ensure that the communications do not give rise to unexpected legal consequences

Oral Contracts

  • SAICO Underwriters shall avoid entering into contracts orally as this may lead to subsequent uncertainty as to what was agreed.

Offer to enter into Contract (Policy Terms and Conditions)

  • At the point at which SAICO Underwriter wishes to make an offer to enter into an insurance contract, they shall send an email containing all of the Information required for it to be contract certain by way of an Electronic Binder. This may be done in the body of the email or by attaching documents to it including Electronic Policy, Clauses and UW documents received through email.
  • The subject heading for the email should include the words “Offer to enter into Contract and Policy Terms and Conditions”
  • The email should include the full name of the Underwriter at the bottom of the email and confirmation that the sender is authorized to enter this contract

Acceptance of Offer

  • Where the recipient of an “offer to enter into contract” email wishes to enter into a contract on the terms of that offer, SAICO Underwriter shall ensure that they reply by email and the subject of the email shall include the words “Acceptance – Entering into contract” or signed letter of confirmation to the “offer to enter into contract”. The acceptance must exactly fit the offer. Accordingly nothing in the body of an acceptance email should disagree with the offer email as that may constitute a counter offer.

Issuance of Electronic Policies wherever possible

  • SAICO Underwriter may issue Electronic Policy with digital signature or image signed policy with all Policy schedule, wordings and clauses wordings
  • SAICO Underwriter shall ensure to receive email confirmation from the customers having acknowledge receipt of policy and having reviewed the policy terms and conditions and confirm the policy terms and conditions

Extension of Existing Cover for renewals based on clients’ confirmation

  • It may be convenient to simply extend existing cover by a short period until the emergency has subsided based on the customer’s confirmation. This may / shall be done using this SAICO Emergency Trading Protocol i.e., offer and acceptance emails.

Cancellation of Cover

  • Any cancellation of cover should be considered carefully with clear cancellation instructions issued by the customer and acknowledgements clearly confirmed via email.

Policy Administration

  • It may not be immediately possible to complete the policy administration associated with the contract. However, proper and complete records of the contract must be kept so that the administration can be commenced as soon as offices and systems become available for use again.


SAICO has the capability to work remotely and access systems in the event of an office closure. Almost 95% of all claim related documents and transactions are received / done electronically through emails.

Notification and Acknowledgement of Claims

  • SAICO BCP Identified Claims Personnel shall ensure that all claims notifications received via email are immediately acknowledged
  • SAICO BCP Identified Claims Personnel shall ensure appointment of Loss Assessor / Adjuster wherever possible immediately and the appointment of LA shall be notified to the customer
  • It may not be possible to register the claim immediately in SAICO systems, however, the BCP Identified Claims Personnel shall appoint Loss Adjuster wherever possible in a timely manner to do preliminary inspection of loss

Handling of Claims

  • Wherever there are regulatory deadlines for payment of claim, SAICO BCP Claim Personnel shall ensure to download the documents from the Centralized Claims Data (for eg., Najm or Maroor) and process the claim remotely through VPN access or link to the Claims Software application
  • SAICO Motor Claims System has the capability of claims being processed remotely by link access to all claims personnel. Claims Personnel shall ensure download all documents from Najmnet / Maroor and also documents received via email from customers
  • BCP Claims Incharge shall ensure that the reserve is created in the Financial Data at the end of the month either through system registration or manual register till the system is resumed

Payment of Claims

  • Claims payment transactions and the related movement of funds will continue to be processed through remote access with the capture of beneficiary IBAN particulars.
  • SAICO BCP Claims Personnel shall ensure notification of claims payment to the customer via email.

SAICO commits to its Business Continuity and Service Delivery during the contingency period.