Dear Valued Customers & Business Partners,

We, SAICO, the oldest Insurer in KSA, are committed to Business Continuity and service delivery to our valued clients & business partners. We would like to confirm that we have taken every possible steps to make our team available through remote access to our IT systems to continue our business and address the servicing requirements of all departments in the event of any contingency of shutdown of our offices, absences of staff due to illness, etc.

In the event of unexpected shutdown of our offices, instead of routine protocol of servicing through business channels, our valued clients & business partners are advised to contact the Technical Department officials directly to ensure continuity of our services & operations without any abnormal delays. You may please copy the business channel personnel for our file and record.

Following are the contact details of the officials during the Business Contingency Period:

Sales Department:

Call Center: 

Complaints Unit: 

CRM Unit:

Technical Department:


We will receive your claims according to the region the accident happens by sending emails to the following addresses:

We would strive to meet your requirements and service levels with our dedicated staff during this Business Contingency Period.


CEO / President.


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