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We Saudi Arabian Company Cooperative Insurance (SAICO) are looking forward to satisfy our customers and receive their suggestions and complaints, and we recognize the importance of customer satisfaction, so we have created a unit of complaints to receive your requests and suggestions, and to know your opinions and investigate the complaint through the immediate action to deal with complaints and provide appropriate solutions with the concerned departments within the company.

Suggestion Details:

    Note: Our team will communicate with you within a maximum period of three working days to keep you informed of the complaint status and handling procedures.

    If you are dissatisfied with the solutions provided, please contact us via email: Our team will make every possible effort to reach satisfactory solutions that comply with laws and procedures.

    Complaint Handling Procedures

    • A system has been established to receive and direct complaints to the concerned departments in the company for processing.
    • We are committed to inform you of your complaint resolution.
    • Complaint reference number will be sent by SMS.

    Coordination with the departments and competent bodies to find the best options available to resolve the complaint within the statutory period, as stipulated by the regulatory and legislative authorities.

    Complaints are automatically escalated to the highest mangment level in the relevant department in the event of a delay in responding from the first recipient of the complaint after two working days. If three working days have passed without the complaint being addressed by the concerned department, the complaint will be automatically escalated to the CEO.