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Head of HR & Admin

SAICO obtains an advanced ranking position in the insurance sector with customers’ trust because of SAICO employees’ ability to create, represent, deliver and manage high-quality services and products. The company takes care mainly of the employees as they’re the main reason behind any business’s success. Therefore, the specialized HR and Admin staff strives to provide a work environment that enhances employees’ performance effectively and efficiently.

Our employees’ commitment to fully engage in the workplace and interact with HR functional activities, programs, and policies enables us to combine our personal and business objectives to obtain the most optimal of outcomes.

We aim to build an employment brand which attracts talents who will help us achieve our organizational objectives amongst the following, deliverable by HR:
Fairness and equality in opportunities.
Flexibility, sharing decision making process , learning from mistakes,
simplifying, and automating.
Designing a secure and healthy work environment for all employees.
Implementing best HR practices and latest standards for optimal
organizational development and institutional communication.
Providing learning opportunities, training, and career path advancement.
Looking for all possible ways to compensate, reward and recognize
employees within a performance management system.
Delivering HR Services, entertainment programs, and general services for
the benefit of employees.


We proudly support and trust our Human, Resources, who have a deep sense of teamwork, code of ethics, innovation, achievement orientation, the capability to deal with challenges, and commitment to satisfy our customers; they are the most precious capital we have.

Abdullah Almurbati
Head of HR & Admin

SAICO's Shared Values

Commitment to the Insurance Industry

Insurance Capabilities

Understanding and Providing Solutions

Ability to Influence Outcomes

Work Environment

SAICO provides a healthy work environment to attract and retain the talents who obtain the organizational strategy and objectives alongside the compensation and fair benefits. The company works to ensure internal equity between jobs and responsibilities in designing and implementing a job evaluation system and maintaining external competitiveness. The priority for the recruitment is to Saudis who hold the required job specifications. Additionally, the employees are always provided with career advancement, well training, professional development, and other benefits such as health club discounts, life insurance, etc.

Employees Engagements and Reconditions

If you find yourself interested in building SAICO’s organizational capabilities, you’re welcome to apply and upload your CV.